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‘TEETH’ – 5 Healthy Habits For Positive Change

New Year. New Decade. New Resolutions

Change is in the air. With a new year comes New Year’s resolutions for positive change. Not only is it a new year but it is a new decade. Although it is January in Cleveland, it is one of the favorite times of the year for me. The beginning of the year is time for a fresh start. It is time to look back at last year which is gone and make strides and change for the better. No matter what stage we are at in life one of the keys to staying vibrant and alive is to hope for the future. We hope that things will be better and we will act in a manner which will help us create our own better.

The problem for many of us is that we get overwhelmed with too many projects and too many ideas. The sheer magnitude of trying to change is the reason that most resolutions at this time of the year never get past the middle of the month of January.

‘TEETH’ – 5 Steps To Create Lasting Positive Change

This week I would like to share some ideas with you to help create some meaningful positive change in your life. You all know that good health is invaluable. Here are my five suggestions to help you reach a personal health goal. I will use the letters  “T E E T H” to help you remember these thoughts.

  1. T is for Teeth. Of course, you realize that I will start with this. What goes on in your mouth mirrors what is going on in the rest of your body. An inflamed mouth is often indicative of other areas of inflammation in the body. The best way to reduce inflammation and disease is with great cleansing habits to keep our teeth sparklingly clean. Buy a flossing aid to make this important step easy to do.
  2. E is for Exercise. To put it in more concrete terms, we need to move. Training for the Olympics is not necessary for us. Simple movement such as walking is enough to make a significant dent on our exercise goals. I make it a habit of parking at the end of a parking lot or taking the stairs in an office building to add a significant degree of walking to my day.
  3. E is for Eating healthier. We have an abundance of food available to us yet we experience many food-related illnesses. A simple step to improve what is on our plate is to reduce the amount of processed food that we consume. Instead of looking for a package that announces that the contents are healthy, why not reach for fresh fruit, which doesn’t need an advertisement of its benefits. Be adventurous and try a new vegetable. Many nutritionists recommend eating a variety of colors. They often say that we should try to “eat the rainbow.”
  4. T is for Time. Take the time to care for yourself. Some of us are busy with work. Others spend their days taking care of their children or the flip side, taking care of parents or a spouse. We all need a break in these important obligations to devote to ourselves. Whether it means reading a book, walking a mall or just taking a drive to the lake and watching a sunset, personal recharge time is crucial.
  5. H is for Happy. Let’s be happy and smile. A pleasant demeanor and a saying hello and goodbye with a smile can go a long way. Smiles can be infectious and melt anger and bad moods in many of us.

In Conclusion

This list is simple and easy to remember. The steps are easy and attainable. Pick one of them and adopt it. The results will allow you to say that this year, you made at least one significant positive change for the better. If you have any other ideas that you feel are meaningful, give me a call and share them with me. You can reach me at 440.951.7856

Jeffrey Gross, DDSFAGD is an Ohio licensed general dentist and is on the staff of Case Western Reserve School of Dental Medicine.

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