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Dental Veneers in Lake County, Ohio

If you live in Lake County, Ohio and are dreading the idea of getting porcelain veneers along with the associated anesthetic and expense, fear no more! There are other dental alternatives that can provide the same wanted result, including prepare-less veneers and snap-on teeth.

Prepare-less Veneers

Our Prepare-Less veneers are perfect for any Lake County patient seeking an alternative to traditional porcelain veneers. It is also perfect for anyone who desires veneers, but is concerned about removing any of their own teeth or having any enamel removed, especially when the teeth are in a healthy condition.

Like traditional veneers, they are adhesively bonded to the front surface of the teeth, however, they typically do not require the tooth to be ground, cut or filed down for proper placement. Most “Prepare-Less” veneer patients do not need any anesthetic, making the procedure quicker, more comfortable, and less expensive than some of the high profile veneers that are typically advertised in magazines.

These ceramic veneers are considered “traditional” and can be placed in a minimally invasive and often “no preparation” way, meaning no tooth structure is destroyed. This is in contrast to traditional porcelain veneers which typically requires an injection of local anesthetic as well as the removal of tooth structure, sometimes beyond the enamel (the outermost layer of the tooth), making it a permanent procedure and the most costly. We use ceramic veneers in this technique because they hold their color better, are more natural looking and retain the brightness most patients want.

Prepare-less veneers may be suitable for adults and adolescents seeking to address:

Snap On Teeth

If you have worn or discolored teeth, ground down teeth or just desire whiter or straighter teeth, Snap on Smile™ is a quicker and more cost effective option to traditional veneers. It’s a customized prosthetic that actually snaps onto the back teeth. No damage or irreversible treatment is done to existing teeth.

Patients can transform their entire smile while still maintaining their existing teeth because the Snap on Smile™ is simply placed over their original teeth. They may also be used by patients who are missing several teeth as long as there are back teeth present to support the Snap on Smile™. They can be used in lieu of dentures and are removable and less bulky. Additionally, they help preserve original teeth that have been ground down by TMJ problems, because they serve as a guard to protect the remaining teeth from further wear.

Snap on Smile™ can be worn any time. They are easily removed in order to clean the underlying teeth and device. Brushing after every meal is crucial.

Many celebrities wear them to change the look of their teeth for movie roles.

Instead of traditional veneers, choose one of these great, affordable alternatives by making an appointment at The Healthy Smile Dental Center, or learn more about our other dental techniques and procedures available to you.

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