Dental Crowns & Bridges

Crowns and Bridges in Eastlake Ohio

Crowns & bridges

For teeth that are damaged or decayed, crowns can be the perfect solution. Porcelain crowns fit over damaged teeth, restoring their strength, health, and beauty. Crowns can be matched to your natural tooth color so the fact that you have had dental work is easily concealed.

Dental Crowns

We match your dental crowns to the natural color of your teeth so they don’t draw attention to themselves. With a ceramic or porcelain crown covering your broken or damaged tooth, you regain the freedom you want to laugh, eat, smile and talk without any hint of embarrassment. Because your smile looks sharp and natural, you can confidently walk through your day.

Dental Bridges

With a dental bridge, you’re able to protect the roots of your teeth while still enjoying the ability to chew normally, thanks to the bridge’s solid surface. In addition, your bridge rejuvenates your smile if it has become incomplete, cracked, or marred by decay.

Your dental bridge is handcrafted and customized to fit your mouth precisely. We make sure your fit is exact so you can enjoy a natural feel as well as a visually beautiful look. We anchor your dental bridge to the adjacent teeth, which may help protect them from future decay.

Dental crowns and bridges can bring your smile back to life, even after years of damage or decay. They can bring you a new sense of confidence about how your smile looks and make it possible to eat normally while protecting your teeth against further damage.

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