duplicating dentures for a perfect fit

Duplicating Dentures For a Perfect Fit – Again

I Love My Denture. Can You Make Me One Just Like It?

After years of good use, your well-fitted dentures may need to be replaced.
However, in the past whenever I heard a request for duplicating dentures, I would shudder.
Let me explain why.
Dentistry, for many decades, has been one of the most precise medical disciplines. During our training, an emphasis is placed on perfection. That emphasis occurs on day one of training, and the education never ends. Medicine, in general, as we all know, is based on rigorous science. All that being said, there is still an art to the practice of medicine that comes with experience and years of patient care.

Dentistry shares those qualities with medicine but adds another dimension. All dentists work with their hands and minds while striving for proper fit, and adaptation is crucial to successful dental care. Fillings and crowns sit right next to and into the patient’s tooth. The close approximation of the filling or crown with the tooth is what makes a successful treatment and a result that lasts a long time for the patient.

Well-Fitting Dentures is the Result of Skill & Art

Keeping that in mind, let us talk about dentures. Making a well-fitting denture is more art and skill than a science. The reason that science takes a back seat in the making of a denture is that the artificial teeth rest on a movable object. The gums are soft and give way when you press on them. The movement is not present when we do other types of dentistry. The tooth and the dental restoration are both hard, resulting in an exacting fit.

I saw a patient a couple of years ago who came back to me after 15 years. She told me that she loved her denture, and it was the best fit in her life. I made her that denture, and she was so happy with it. As time passed, the teeth wore down, and the pink of the denture turned color. It was time for a new denture, and my job was to create another fantastic result.

Even though I am the same doctor, and the patient is the same, in the past, the chances of duplicating dentures and getting a great fit on the level of the first ones were small. Don’t get me wrong, as the denture would fit well. It just may not be as perfect as the first one that I made. 

Duplicating Dentures Is Achieveable In Just Two Appointments!

I am happy to say that those days of inaccuracy are gone.
Through digital technology and a cone beam CT machine, I can make an exact duplicate of a well-fitting denture. The technique does not even involve taking an impression of the patient. All of my work revolves around the denture. The pink portion of the denture is brand new, and if we need to change the tooth color, I can do that also.
Let me not forget the best part of the procedure. Your new denture involves just two appointments. We do an initial assessment, and then you return for your new denture.

Time to Replace Your Old Dentures? Give us a Call Today!

If your denture is old, it is time for a replacement. I can make that replacement for you using conventional or digital technology. The determining factor is whether or not you love your current denture and are looking for a total change. In either event, we are more than happy to help.
Call Nikki and schedule a free consultation.
This time is perfect to start an upgrade to your teeth before the holidays are upon us. Our phone number is 440.951.7856, and I look forward to hearing from you.

Jeffrey Gross, DDSFAGD is an Ohio licensed general dentist and is on the staff of Case Western Reserve School of Dental Medicine.

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