I’m Missing A Lot of Teeth. What Are My Options?

One column is not adequate to talk about all the possiblites for tooth replacement. Many factors come into play when we make a decision. The number of teeth, the location of the missing teeth, the condition of the other teeth in your mouth, time and finances are some of the considerations that we must evaluate.

Many patients place financial criteria first and formost. I’d like to spend some time and discuss some of the options which may work and be affordable to you. Often times, a tooth or teeth which can be removed by you is left behind in our discussions. Today, I want to explore some of these options. Some patients like a removeable partial denture because they are fearful of dental work. Many times this type of replacement teeth can be made without having to do anything to any other teeth in the mouth. This alone is attractive for many of my patients.

Of course if the rest of your teeth go every which way, we may need to do something so that the teeth can come in and out easily. Now once they are in, the teeth need to be stable to allow you to chew. This stability is accomplished by grabbing onto othe teeth for support. If there are not enough other teeth to aid in the fit, then we need to hug the gums for our stability. When I look at restoring missing teeth, I always need to evaluate the rest of the mouth. Gum disease or decay must be dealth with in order to gain proper support.

You must learn to place and remove your removeable partial denture. To some people this is a challenge and to others it is very simple. As my music teacher used to say, “practice makes perfect” Don’t get discouraged if you struggle at first. The partial denture may feel a little strange intially, but within a few days you should become accustomed quite nicely to it. You should never bite your teeth into place. Even though we tell patients with a full denture and implants that biting may be appropriate, but it is not indicated for a partial denture.

Sore spots will appear from time to time. I am more than happy to see you and adjust these for you. Typically, I will never charge you for these visits. Some people would call that a warranty. I’ll let you decide what term you would use to describle that service that I provide.

Modern material and techniques can make your partial almost invisable to anyone around you. But as we all know, it more than just the materials. You need someone with experience who will take time to work with you and understand your needs and desires. I try my best to be that person and spend a lot of time trying to figure out what is best in each situation. If a partial isn’t in your best interest, I am not shy to inform you accordingly. January is almost over. Let’s fix up our teeth for this year. Don’t put off any longer the gift of beautiful smile. Call me at 440.951.7856 and let me help you.

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